PM markets: Russia fears lift wheat. Brazil woes help coffee

Wheat revives, lifted by concerns that sanctions against Russian could hamper its exports. Coffee gains amid growing talk of damage to Brazil's crop

Russian wheat wins Egyptian order. But US cheapest
Egypt's Gasc grain authority turns to Russia for all its needs at its fourth tender this month. But US wheat is offered cheaper - excluding freight
Corn price tumble sends Valero profits higher
Valero flags the boost to ethanol groups from low corn prices. But they could be doing even better, were it not for soft DDG markets, says Linn Group
Bull market in cattle 'to last for years'
Cattle futures may wobble near-term, as the expense of beef compared with pork makes consumers think twice. But further gains lie ahead, says SocGen
US timberland prices gain, despite lumber slowdown
Growth in timberland prices nudges higher, con contrast to a slowing farmland market, despite concerns over demand for US and Chinese construction
Return of dry weather 'crucial' for German wheat
Germany's wheat harvest has yielded well so far. But dryness is needed to ensure the "desired quality", the DBV says. And more rain is in the forecast
Hedging protects New Britain from palm price drop
The palm oil producer, unveiling rising profits, highlights the threat to prices of the vegetable oil from a lowered El Nino threat
German wheat result looks ever more crucial for EU
Germany's wheat harvest outcome may carry especially large weight this year, given the clamour for higher quality wheat amid a rain-affected harvest
Agco cuts profit hopes as tractor demand 'softens'
The maker of Fendt equipment takes "aggressive actions" to cut costs amid an industry downturn which prompts it to cut profit and revenue forecasts
Fonterra warns farmers as it cuts milk price hopes
The group cautions over farm budgets as it lowers its milk price forecast, acknowledging rising Chinese stockpiles. Will the forecast be cut further?
Livestock futures to underperform crops - Goldman
The bank lifts forecasts for cattle prices, but to levels below the futures curve. Indeed, livestock markets' outperformance of crops is to reverse
Hot spell, plus 4-inch hailstones, test US crops
US corn and soybean crop condition declines, as higher temperatures and hailstones "nearly the size of a softball" take a toll. But cotton improves
US cattle squeeze drives futures to record high
Tyson Foods forecasts an accelerating decline in US supplies of fattened cattle, underlining tightness shown by two official reports
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Leaves and weeds provide sweetener for hard-up sugar mills
"Vegetal impurities" may not be much good for making sugar or ethanol. But they are proving invaluable nonetheless for mills in Brazil's Centre South
Featured market report Morning markets: wheat bucks downward trend in grain markets
Corn and soybean futures trade lower, as benign weather brings some staggeringly high, theoretical, US yield ideas. But signs of demand shore up wheat
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