PM markets: wheat buckles under weight of Russian mega-crop

... but corn, cotton and soybeans fare better, amid scepticism over uber-bearish US crop data. Sugar gains too, amid Brazil dryness worries

AM markets: ags revive from USDA shocker amid data doubts    11 Aug 2017
The market "tsunami" of the last session, on US crop surprises, peters out, amid investor scepticism. Grains, canola, cotton gain
AM markets: Canada worries prop up soybeans, but not wheat    10 Aug 2017
Soybeans start a big day for data on a firm note, helped by dryness worries over Canadian canola. But wheat bears find solace in Australian rains
What will the Wasde bring? Grains make small gains, for now    9 Aug 2017
Grain futures trade, broadly, in positive territory, helped by a turn less benign in the Midwest weather outlook. But what of Thursday's data slew?
AM markets: grains edge higher, amid pre-Wasde calculations    9 Aug 2017
Will the key crop report cut forecasts for US corn and soy yields? And by how much? And what will this mean for prices? For now, futures make headway
PM markets: China import jump sees soy evade grains weakness    8 Aug 2017
Grains reverse from early highs, dented by US weather outlook, as well as chart setbacks. But record China imports support soybeans. Cotton gains too
AM markets: record Chinese imports send soy futures higher    8 Aug 2017
Chinese soybean imports in July crossed 10m tonnes for the first month on record, giving a boost to demand ideas on the oilseed. Corn, wheat gain too
PM markets: US wheat futures jump, eroding discount vs Paris    7 Aug 2017
US wheat futures perform strongly - but at the expense of regained export competitiveness against the EU. Brazil worries heat up the coffee market
AM markets: grains rise on export hopes, disappointing rains    7 Aug 2017
Corn, soybean and wheat futures make positive starts, helped by a drier-than-expected US weekend and a fade in a dollar rally. Cotton prices gain too
PM markets: US data, China fears add to soy price pressure    3 Aug 2017
Soy prices extend falls, amid concerns over US-China trade tensions, and soft signals in US export data, besides US rains. Grains fare a little better
Weekly grain and oilseeds market view from Europe    3 Aug 2017
US demand rationing… poor quality wheat in Germany, Poland and the Baltics… but rains a help for French corn… EU experts give their market views
AM markets: wheat growers walk side by side with Mr Trump    3 Aug 2017
... at least, a factor that the US president views as "seriously flawed" looks that way for wheat producers too. Corn, soy futures renew their decline
PM markets: bears hold fire on ags, although wheat struggles    2 Aug 2017
Ag prices broadly gain, from coffee to corn, helped by dollar weakness and ideas that enough risk premium has been removed. But winter wheat eases
Ag trade in the era of Trump and Brexit - new Agrimoney report

Donald Trump's election, and dynamics evident in Brexit, pose big questions - including in agriculture. A new Agrimoney report gives answers

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