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Brazilian farmers push for reversal of foreign purchase ban

Farmers fear that rules bought in to keep out foreign landowners may be stifling investment

Can cattle help beleaguered wheat bulls?
Low grain prices appear to be persuading an unusually large number of southern US farmers to ditch hopes of ever harvesting their winter wheat
Whatever the Wasde brings - will it matter for crop prices?
Soybean futures may be in for a pasting, ultimately, whatever a key US report on Thursday brings. But for corn, the picture is a bit more complex
Farmers 'to plant more soybeans' than USDA suggested
Weather, prices and total acreage suggest US soy area will beat that shown in a key report, brokers say. But history shows an alternative view...
US underestimated 2014 corn harvest - but overegged soy
Analysis of surprise US crop inventory data show that last year's record corn harvest was even bigger than thought, investors say
One number rules supreme on big US data day
US officials on Tuesday reveal a plethora of long-awaited grains data. But there is one figure which holds particular price significance...
US corn price may see 'sharp rise' as yield falls
The previous four times US corn yields have set records, the result the next year has been significantly lower. Is this fate in store for 2015?
Coffee look better placed than sugar for price recovery
Both coffee and sugar prices have been undermined by a weak real and Brazilian rains. But in coffee in particular, the drop looks an overreaction
Rare sales to Asia, data doubts erode UK wheat mountain fears
UK wheat exports have fallen short of expectations, provoking concerns of huge carryover stocks. But such fears may prove unjustified
US winter wheat area dip could be bigger deal for corn and soy
Sure, the drop in US winter wheat sowings will curtail the 2015 harvest. But it has sizeable implications for corn and soybeans too
Coffee futures - will they prove star performers in 2015 too?
Arabica coffee futures gained 51% in 2014, the most of any of the major commodity. What will 2015 bring for the bean, and for robusta coffee prices?
Dairy prices - will 2015 prove as downbeat as 2014?
Dairy prices near-halved last year as Chinese and Russian buyers stepped back, while producers kept output high. Will those dynamics reverse in 2015?
Palm oil, soyoil - will they prove oilseed stars in 2015?
Prices of palm oil and rival vegetable oil soyoil dropped over 2014, depressed by ample supplies. But might that change in 2015?
Cocoa bucks ags' 2013 losses - and to outperform in 2014 too

Agricultural commodities, especially grains, performed far worse than other assets in 2013. But cocoa posted gains - which are to continue in 2014 too

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