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Opinion: New Zealand dairy investment isn't such a bad bet

Aquila has turned to Australian dairy for its next investment drive. But should funds really turn their back on New Zealand, an investor asks?

'Incredibly high' NZ land prices divert Aquila to Australia
The alternative asset manager says Australia's dairy sector "offers the best risk-adjusted returns in global agriculture"
The commodity price which gains most during El Ninos is...
... not an agricultural one, oddly enough, according to Societe Generale. Still, crops account for most of the El Nino sensitive commodities
How will the Wasde resolve thorny crop stocks condundrums?
For a Wasde billed as one of the more humdrum editions, today's report is surrounded by notable uncertainty on corn and soy inventory forecasts
US corn harvest may prove bigger than sowings data suggest
US corn sowings are to fall steeply this year, official data show. But there are two reasons to believe the impact on output may not be so momentous
One number key to negotiating big day for USDA crop reports
Monday is one of the biggest days of the year for grain investors, bringing data with a history of causing huge price swings. How to prepare for it?
Grain investors are missing the point over Ukraine
It is true that Crimea, at the centre of the Ukraine crisis, is a small player in farming terms. But grain prices deserve a Putin premium nonetheless
El Nino wouldn't be all negative for crop production
The El Nino weather pattern viewed as a growing possibility may hurt, say, cocoa and palm oil output. But for sugar, US corn, damage is less certain
Temasek has little to lose from Olam bid
At worst, the Singapore state fund will gain more of say in keeping Olam's recovery drive on track. At best, it will protect an important industry
Will the Wasde unveil 'negative soybeans'?
A pile of grains is easy to envisage. But what about a heap of negative soybeans? US officials could reveal some, as early as Monday's Wasde report
Coffee price rally may be getting ahead of itself
Spot coffee prices do not look like collapsing after topping \$2 a pound, as cotton did two years ago. But some contracts look expensive nonetheless
Ukraine turmoil hasn't finished with agriculture markets
Even if talks between Russia and the US do succeed in containing the Crimea crisis, it will remain a live issue for farmers, traders and policymakers
Soymeal, China drive DDGs to record premium over corn
Distillers' grains, once sold for pittance, are now worth \$100 more per tonne than corn. But are producers be making them "less desirable"?
Cocoa bucks ags' 2013 losses - and to outperform in 2014 too

Agricultural commodities, especially grains, performed far worse than other assets in 2013. But cocoa posted gains - which are to continue in 2014 too

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