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Cash-traded ags 'more profitable' than futures-traded ones

Sunny Verghese, founder of Olam International, trumpets the benefits of dealing in the likes of cashews rather than corn - usually

Will 'mundane' Wasde actually prove a market mover?
The November edition of the benchmark US crop briefing is, historically, reasonably straightforward. But some believe Monday's might buck the trend
Sunday may prove crucial for the future of world farming
... and that is because it brings Brazil's presidential elections. The outcome could have a big say in prices of coffee, sugar, corn, soy, wheat...
Are rains too late to save Brazil's coffee crop?
Brazil's coffee plantations are to receive long-awaited rains. But Judith Ganes-Chase says drought has already caused "serious harm"
Morgan Stanley fuels doubts over US corn, soy sowings data
The bank says officials could cut estimates for US corn sowings by "as much as 3.1m acres" - stoking a debate which is dividing the market
Rains lift chance of Brazil boosting world crop glut
Brazilian soybean sowings look like getting off to a rapid start. And that has all sorts of knock-on effects
Agriculture emerges as key Brazil election battleground
Dilma Rousseff's government gives a sweetener to Brazil sugar mills, as presidential rival Marina Silva counters her reputation as an enemy of farmers
Nut prices, elevated by weather setbacks, 'to stay high'
Prices of the noble nuts, like almonds, will stay supported, after weather setbacks in California and Turkey. But "common" nuts - forget it, Olam says
US carmakers, Brazil soy farmers drive timber fund fortunes
Phaunos Timber Fund may be hoping for a thriving US auto industry, and wet Brazilian harvest, a report into the struggling fund reveals
Hedge fund enthusiasm for ags rises even as sentiment sours
Hedge funds are slashing their exposure to rising ag commodity prices. But this is down to rising bets on prices falls, rather than mere liquidation
How should investors negotiate Wasde corn yield conundrum?
The benchmark report should raise the estimate for the US corn yield. But by how much? And what is already factored in? As for soybeans and wheat...
Buoyant durum prices confound wheat market weakness
Not all wheat prices are sinking. Values of the type used to make pasta are soaring. Indeed, with beef values strong too...
Leaves and weeds provide sweetener for hard-up sugar mills
"Vegetal impurities" may not be much good for making sugar or ethanol. But they are proving invaluable nonetheless for mills in Brazil's Centre South
Cocoa bucks ags' 2013 losses - and to outperform in 2014 too

Agricultural commodities, especially grains, performed far worse than other assets in 2013. But cocoa posted gains - which are to continue in 2014 too

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