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Leaves and weeds provide sweetener for hard-up sugar mills

"Vegetal impurities" may not be much good for making sugar or ethanol. But they are proving invaluable nonetheless for mills in Brazil's Centre South

Corn price rout is near its end - so new market model shows
The much-watched stocks-to-use ratio has lost accuracy in forecasting crop prices, Macquarie says. But there is a way to lift its predictive powers...
Wasde poses one big question. There are many others too
Sure, one figure, corn yield, is grabbing attention ahead of Friday's benchmark US Wasde crop report. But investors have much else on their minds too
US hammers another nail into the coffin of the grains rally
The US has handed grain bulls a double whammy in its upbeat estimates on US crop inventories and sowings. But how much further can prices fall?
What will key US data show? History gives some guidance...
There are trends to help investors ahead of US stocks and acreage reports which have a habit of moving prices. But will they hold good this time?
Monsanto's financial revamp looks better than Syngenta deal
The champion of genetically modified seed has shown skills in financial engineering too. Its planned takeover of Syngenta may not have fared so well
Agriculture investors emerging as World Cup winners
Coffee prices soar, in a rally fuelled in part by World Cup effects - which appear to be underpinning sugar and soybean markets too.
South America's growth in soybeans has 'transformed' pricing
The discount of distant soybean futures to nearby contracts is more than a one-off anomaly, research by USDA chief economist Joseph Glauber suggest
Will 'quiet' Wasde provide corn and soy noise after all?
June editions of the flagship Wasde ag reports are usually "fairly quiet", says Joseph Glauber, who signs them off. But will this one buck the trend?
Smucker vs Starbucks illustrates commodity buyers' dilemma
Should crop consumers buy ahead, or ride out market volatility? Coffee giant Smucker found its strategy compared with that of rival Starbucks
Investors brace for crop effects as chances of El Nino rise
The US raises the likelihood of an El Nino, which some meteorologists say may already being showing effects. What might it mean for crop prices?
Tyson wins round one of battle for Hillshire Brands
The US meat giant will gain something whether it wins or loses the bid battle. For the rival Brazil-US bid team, the situation isn't so comfortable
US crop progress data reveal stark divide in farms' fortunes
Weather is increasingly splitting farms between those with strong crop prospects and those hurt by too much rain, slowing plantings, or too little
Cocoa bucks ags' 2013 losses - and to outperform in 2014 too

Agricultural commodities, especially grains, performed far worse than other assets in 2013. But cocoa posted gains - which are to continue in 2014 too

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