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Rain damage to EU wheat ups estimate for feed use

The IGC sees a jump in EU wheat fed to livestock, in one of the first attempts to quantify quality damage. World grain stocks will hit a 15-year high

Corn price tumble sends Valero profits higher
Valero flags the boost to ethanol groups from low corn prices. But they could be doing even better, were it not for soft DDG markets, says Linn Group
Livestock futures to underperform crops - Goldman
The bank lifts forecasts for cattle prices, but to levels below the futures curve. Indeed, livestock markets' outperformance of crops is to reverse
Hot spell, plus 4-inch hailstones, test US crops
US corn and soybean crop condition declines, as higher temperatures and hailstones "nearly the size of a softball" take a toll. But cotton improves
Corn and wheat prices offer 'sound value' - ANZ
Australia & New Zealand Bank joins commentators foreseeing an end to grain market falls, saying that improved harvest prospects are "fully priced" in
Hedge funds 'close to exhausted' in selling wheat
Hedge funds turn more bearish on agricultural commodities again. Is there appetite for more selling? Questions are raised over cotton, sugar, wheat...
Worst over for grains rout. Sugar prices to rise
ABN Amro foresees potential for buoyancy in corn and soybean prices, but especially in sugar - once a revision to Brazilian forecasts is passed
China urged to back corn at centre of trade furore
The US Grains Council calls on Chinese authorities to clear Syngenta's MIR 162 corn, after an escalation in trade curbs surrounding the seed
Allendale raises the bar on US corn yield hopes
The broker, citing a cool pollination period, estimates the US corn yield well above levels from other forecasters. What does this mean for prices?
Zimbabwe's wheat imports to hit record high
The country once termed a "breadbasket" will remain a large net corn importer, despite the best rains in decades, and see record high wheat purchases
Hedge fund ag selldown takes them net short on soy
Hedge funds are net short on soybeans for the first time since 2011, amid rising US crop hopes. Coffee and sugar suffer sell-offs too - but not cattle
SocGen cuts forecasts for corn, soy futures
The bank joins a debate about corn and soybean values by cutting price forecasts for both. But it is particularly downbeat on soybeans
Strat Grains underlines fears for EU wheat quality
"Grains quality and even yields could deteriorate significantly" if rains persist, the influential anakysis group says
Soymeal, China drive DDGs to record premium over corn

Distillers' grains, once sold for pittance, are now worth \$100 more per tonne than corn. But are producers be making them "less desirable"?

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