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Ukraine harvest clouds spark wheat price revival

Wheat prices recover from early losses amid ideas of setbacks to Ukraine's harvest from unrest

US wheat exporters brace for drop in Brazil orders
The reinstatement of an import levy looks like ending a spell of large US wheat exports to Brazil. There is even talk of Brazil exporting wheat itself
Rains bode well for US soy - but not spring wheat
Rains forecast for the northern US should underpin strong soybean yield expectations. But for wheat, they mean harvest delays and raised disease fears
Hedge fund enthusiasm for ags rises even as sentiment sours
Hedge funds are slashing their exposure to rising ag commodity prices. But this is down to rising bets on prices falls, rather than mere liquidation
Polish, UK harvests lift EU wheat output hopes
INTL FCStone raises its forecast for the European Union wheat harvest, citing in particular improved hopes for Polish and UK crops
Russian wheat crop hit by 'quality issues' too
Black Earth Farming, unveiling a profits fall, highlights a drop in protein in Russia's, large, wheat crop, at a time of EU quality concerns too
UK wheat harvest in contention for record yield
The harvest is, so far, producing some of the best yield results ever although, on quality, protein is low. The spring barley yield proving strong too
Strat Grains warns on quality of big EU wheat crop
The group raises its estimate for the EU wheat harvest to within an ace of a record high. But it cuts hopes for volumes making milling grade
UK wheat imports top forecasts. Corn sets record
UK wheat imports put in a strong finish to 2013-14, far exceeding exports, which drop to the lowest in more than 20 years. Corn imports set a record
Rain damage costs EU top spot in wheat exports
The US ditches expectations of the EU becoming the world's top wheat exporter for the first time, as rains render grain fit only for feed
US ups corn yield hopes, but by less than forecast
Corn futures pare losses after the US raises supply hopes far less than investors had expected. Revisions are more downbeat for soybean, wheat prices
Cotton, sugar lead hedge fund pessmism on ags
Hedge funds cut further bullish positioning on ags. They turn net short on cotton and sugar, more than offsetting less dismal positioning on grains
Low protein 'main concern' for UK wheat
The UK wheat harvest, viewed with increasing interest thanks to France's problems, is scoring well on some milling specifications - but not on protein
US hammers another nail into the coffin of the grains rally

The US has handed grain bulls a double whammy in its upbeat estimates on US crop inventories and sowings. But how much further can prices fall?

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