The metric system of weights and measures, while dominant in most countries, has not been universally embraced.

Many states still use a mixture of legacy and metric measures. The UK, for instance, still commonly uses acres for land area, but metric for weight, giving the mongrel yield measure of tonnes per acre.

The US has largely stuck by its legacy measures, such as the bushel. And, as an extra complication, its bushel weights vary between crops.

And this before getting on to the idiosyncrasies of some soft commodity markets, with coffee selling in bags, and cotton in bales.

The calculators allow readers to switch easily between the major measures.
Area - Acres, hectares and bigger measures
Cotton - Negotiate between pounds, bales and tonnes
Coffee - Of pounds, bags and tonnes
Sugar - The different measures of sweetness
Corn - Bushels and tonnes, for rye and sorghum too
Grains - The different type of bushels
Oilseed - Crush calculator, and bushels to tonnes
Measurements table:


1 tonne (1000kg) equals:
36.7437 bushels of soybeans or wheat
39.3679 bushels of corn, rye or sorghum
45.9396 bushels of barley grain
64.8418 bushels of oats (Canada)
68.8944 bushels of oats (US)
4.5929 bales of cotton

1 bushel equals:
27.2155 kg wheat or soybeans
25.4012 kg of corn, rye or sorghum
21.7724 kg of barley grain
15.4221 kg oats (Canada)
14.5150 kg oats (US)

1 bale of cotton equals 217.73kg

1 tonne equals 1.1023 short tons
1 short ton equals 0.9072 tons

1 tonne equals 0.9842 long (Imperial) tons
1 long (Imperial) ton equals 1.0160 tons

1 acre equals 0.40694 hectares
1 hectare equals 2.4710 acres


1 tonne per hectare equals
14.8700 bushels per acre for soybeans or wheat
15.9320 bushels per acre for corn, rye or sorghum
18.5915 bushels per acre for barley grain
26.2411 bushels per acre for oats (Canada)
27.8812 bushels per acre for oats (US)

1 bushel per acre equals:
67.2495 kg per hectare for soybeans or wheat
62.7664 kg per hectare for corn, rye or sorghum
53.7996 kg per hectare for barley grain
38.1080 kg per hectare for oats (Canada)
35.8666 kg per hectare for oats (US)
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