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New Brexit report from Agrimoney

Agrimoney has launched a new report aimed at helping businesses prepare for changes which are likely to occur as a result of Brexit.

Preparing for business in a post-Brexit era, written by one of Agrimoney's agricultural specialists, covers the main issues for UK agribusiness firms to consider. Among the key topics covered are:

             dealing with a nervous business world

             changing trade regulations and agreements

             the impact of immigration changes

             changes to the CAP and farm support

             preparing for currency volatility

The report, supported by Firma Foreign Exchange, deals clearly with some of the main issues likely to impact upon businesses, and includes a section on what can be done or considered to help offset or prepare for some of the changes.

'Practical, useful tool'

The report's author, Briefing Media head of content, Emma Penny, says: "Brexit is likely to affect agriculture and its associated industries much harder than many other businesses.

"Whether it is finding employees, thinking about how your business might run when the government changes agricultural support, or how you can cope with currency movements, this report aims to help businesses consider what they might need to do to.

"It aims to be a practical, useful tool for all agribusinesses."

The report can be downloaded free of charge from

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