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Brokerage forecasts for November 22 US Cattle on Feed report


Analysts’ estimates in a survey by Urner Barry, Agrimoney’s sister publication, for the nation’s feedyards with a capacity of 1,000 or more cattle.


The figures represent percentage of a year ago


The averages were calculated without using the high and low estimates.


USDA’s monthly cattle on feed report is scheduled for release on Friday.



Average of estimates Range of estimates
On feed November 1 101.3 98.2 - 102.5
Placed in October 112.2 96.2 - 119.0
Marketed October 99.6 99.3 - 100.1



Breakdown by survey respondent:


Analyst On feed November 1 Placed in October
Marketed in October
Allegiant 102.5 118.1 99.4
Allendale Inc 98.2 96.2 99.9 102.5 119.0 100.1
Linn Group 101.1 111.2 99.6
LMIC 100.6 107.9 99.3
Mike Sands 102.0 117.0 100.0
New Frontier Capital 101.3 111.7 99.4
North Dakota State University 101.0 110.5 99.7
Steiner Consulting 100.8 108.8 99.4
Texas A&M University 100.7 108.5 99.4
US Commodities 102.0 116.0 100.0


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